Schemes of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) 

            Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India extends various assistance through Apex/Primary Handicrafts Co-operatives/NGOs for development of Handicrafts Industries in the State. The different schemes implemented by development commissioner (Handicrafts) are highlighted. 

C.            Development of Cluster. 

Name of the Scheme


Type of assistance and its limit


Whom to apply






Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hasta Silpa Bikas Yojana (AHVY)

Promotion of Handicrafts by developing artisan clusters in to professional managed and self reliant-cum-units enterprises under principles of effective member participation and mutual cooperation.

i)              Base line survey & mobilisation of SHGG Limit -as per merit.

ii)             Skill up Gradation Limit - Rs.1.00 lakh to 2.50 lakh per course.

iii)            Design product development Limit - 1,82,400/- per scheme.

iv)            Marketing support up to Rs.20.00 lakh per cluster.

v)             Publicity- Rs.4.00 lakh to Rs.10 lakh per cluster.

vi)            Export promotion- As per permit.

vii)           Common facility centre- Up to Rs.61.80 lakh per cluster.

viii)          Margin money assistance- @Rs.4000/- per annum with maximum ceiling of R.5.00 lakh per cluster.

ix)                Construction of work shed- Rs.7000/- per unit in rural area and Rs.10,000/- per unit in urban area.

x)             Work shed-cum-housing- Rs.18,000/- per unit in rural area and Rs.20,000/- per unit in urban area.

xi)            Health Insurance- Against annual premium of Rs.200/- per artisan. Rs.150/- will be contributed by D.C(H).

xii)           Group Insurance- Against premium Rs.100/- per artisan. Rs.60/- is provided by D.C. (H)

Reputed and experienced NGOs/Voluntary agencies/Cooperatives/Apex Cooperatives/Trusts/Institutions working in promotion and development of handicrafts and rural poor. Central/State Handicrafts Development Corporations

i)              Asst.    Director, Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Bhubaneswar / Sambalpur.

ii)             Regional Director (H), O/o D.C (H), Estern Regional Office, Kolkata.

Design Development programme.

To develop new designs as per the market demand by engaging reputed designers.

i)              Designers fee-Rs.60,000/-.

ii)             Cost of rawmaterials-Rs.30,000/-.

iii)            Cost of documentation-Rs.10,000/-

State or Central Handicrafts Dev. Corpn./NGO deals in handicraft.

Asst.Director (Handicrafts), O/o. D.C. (H), Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur.

Assistance for Exhibition

To assist organisation engaged in marketing of handicrafts for a promotion of sales, increase awareness, launch new product and design.

75% of the expenditure with ceiling of Rs.1.20 lakh per exhibition.

Central/State Corpn./NGOs/Aapex/Other C.S.

Asst.Director (Handicrafts), O/o D.C.(H), Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur.

Craft Bazar

To facilitate craft persons to interact with consumer for direct sale of articles produced by them.

Infrastructure cost up to Rs.10 lakh, T.A & D.A- Rs.12.00 lakh

Central/State Handicrafts Corpn./Handicrafts Societies/NGOs.

Regional Director (Handicrafts),

O/o D.C. (H),


National and Mini Handicrafts Expos.

To provide direct marketing out-let to individual craft persons for sales promotion.

For National Expo Infrastructure-Cost Rs.21.50 lakh. Publicity Rs.0.50 lakh.For Mini Expo Infrastructure-Rs.17 lakh.

Central/State Corpn./NGOs.

Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), New Delhi.

Scheme for organising craft Bazar, Buyer-Seller meet, Fairs, Melas under marketing development support.

To provide marketing facilities to craft persons.

Maximum assistance of Rs.15.00 lakh

Central/State Corpn./NGOs/Aapex/ Co-op. Societies

D.C. (H),

New Delhi.

Urban Hat

To set up urban hats at strategic locations of the country and give scope to the craft persons to sell their products directly to customers and to eliminate middle agencies.

Total project cost-Rs.196.70 lakh.

Funding pattern.

a)             Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India-70%.

b)             State Govt. share/Share implementing agency-30%

State Handicraft/Handloom Dev.Corpn./Tourism Dev. Corpn.

Development Commissioner (Handicraft), New Delhi.

Opening of new/renovation/expenses of emporia/sales out-lets.

To provide facilities to marketing channels to craft persons.

New emporium in own building.

a)             Up to Rs.20.00 lakh in A Class cities and Rs.15 lakh in other capitals for own and 50% of the capital cost

b)             New emporia in rented building- up to 10 lakh, 50% of the capital cost subject to maximum of Rs.3 lakh.

c)                Renovation / expansion up to Rs.5 lakh, 50% of the capital expenses.

i)              Central/State Handicrafts Corpn.

ii)             ApexCooperative Societies.

iii)            Voluntary organisation/HCS

Asst.Director (Handicrafts)

O/o D.C(H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur


Regional Director (Handicrafts),

O/o D.C(H)


Share capital participation in the State Handicrafts Corpn./Apex Societies.

To increase the capital base of Handicrafts Corpn. And apex Societies.

As per demand on merit basis.

State Handicrafts Corpn./Apex societies.

Asst.Director (Handicrafts), O/o D.C(H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur

Financial assistance for export promotion activities.

For participation in International fair/exhibition and to arrange display of special categories of handicrafts in the show rooms located in Metro Cities.

Maximum of Rs.50,000/‑

Central/State Handicrafts Corpn./Apex H.C.S. engaged in export marketing.


O/o. D.C(H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur


Regional Director(H),

O/o D.C(H),


Scheme for publicity of Export Promotion.

To launch a systematic publicity through Audio visual/Printed publicity by working video films preparing brochures on Indian handicrafts as per the requirement in foreign market.

Limited to 75% of the expenditure.

Central/State Handicrafts Corpn./Apex Bodies, EPCH, CEPC engaged in export marketing activities.

Asst.Director, O/o D.C. (H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur

Scheme for publicity (Internal & Foreign)

To arrange publicity of Indian Handicrafts for boosting the sales both in India & foreign countries.

Limited to 75% of the expenditure

Central/State Handicrafts Corpn./Cooperative Societies/NGO.

Asst.Director, O/o D.C. (H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur

Scheme for survey and studies in Handicrafts sector

To facilitate formulation of plan/schemes and implementation thereof for development of handicrafts.

As per merit of proposal.

Organisations registered under statutary Acts., Companies Act.1956, societies registration Act. 1860 Co-op. Act. and registered with D.C. (SSI), D.C. (H) or recognised university, Research institutions.

Asst.Director, O/o D.C. (H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur

Spl.Programme for revival of languishing crafts.

To revive languishing craft in terms of preservation of culture and for economic development.

On merit of proposal subject to maximum limit of Rs.4.0 lakh.

Central/State Handicrafts Corpn./Apex bodies/NGOs/Cooperative Societies.

Asst.Director, O/o D.C. (H),

Bhubaneswar or Sambalpur

Financial assistance to master craft persons in indigent condition

To provide financial assistance to old craft persons for their sustenance.

Maximum Rs.1000/- per month

Master craft persons who are recipient of National award/State award in Handicrafts with annual income not exceeding Rs.12000/- per annum.Age- Above 60 years.

Asst.Director, D.C. (Handicrafts)/D.H.C.I, Orissa / DIC

National Award

To give recognition to master craft persons and weavers who have made outstanding contribution in terms of excellence of craftmanship and development of crafts.

Cash prize Rs.25,000/-, Angabastra, Copper plaque.National Merit certificate, Cash prize Rs.5000/- and certificate.

All craft persons and weavers residing in India.

Asst.Director, O/o D.C. (Handicrafts)/D.H.C.I, Orissa/D.C.I.O.,DIC.