Schemes of State Govt.

        Various Schemes implemented by the state Govt. for promotion of Salt Industries are given below :

Name of

Objective the Scheme

Pattern of Assistance


Whom to Apply






1. Promotion of Salt Industries

a) Grant to Salt Cooperative Societies)

In order to boost production under the scheme funds are provided for development of new salt land, existing land for its improvement and creation of infrastructure like construction of office building, pump set, electrification, construction of go-down etc.

It is estimated that to develop one acre of land approximately Rs.6800/- would be required on which Govt. will subsidise @Rs.2,300/- per acre. For creation of infrastructure 50% assistance will be provided by Govt. on the total estimated cost.

The working salt co-operative societies are eligible to get this assistance. The cooperative societies which are likely to go in to production soon can get this assistance. In both the cases the salt societies should have valid lease of State Govt. land or land leased out by the Salt Commissioner.

General Manager of the concerned DIC.

b) Interest subsidy to Salt Cooperative Societies.

The Salt Co-operative Societies are rural based and the members are labour class people who are economically backward. The Salt Co-operative Societies need working capital at the beginning of the season for preparation of field, construction of bundhs desilting of brine supply channels and reservoirs etc. In order to do so the Salt Cooperative Societies borrow heavy amount of working capital loan from commercial banks on high rate of interest. Hence to subsidise their interest burden, Govt. have considered sanction of interest subsidy to the Salt Co-operative Societies.

The interest subsidy will be made available to the Salt Cooperatives as grant @4.5% on working capital loan.

The society should be a working society having regular production and availing working capital loan from Commercial bank. The society should have lease of land either from State Govt. or from the Salt Commissioner. The society should possess valid licence from Salt Commissioner.

General Manager of the concerned DIC.

2. Joint programme of works (Salt)

Under this scheme different labour welfare and developmental works are undertaken for the welfare of the salt workers and benefit to the salt industry with the assistance from the salt cess proceeds, Salt Deptt., Govt. of India and State Govt., Industries Department. The following types of works are undertaken under this scheme.

i)    Water Supply.

ii)   Construction of Labour Rest Sheds.

iii)  Construction of building for Health Centre.

iv)  Construction of Recreation Centre.

v)   Construction of building for Schools and Colleges.

vi)  Facilities for augmentation of Brine Supply.

vii) Construction and improvement of Roads, Culverts, Bridges, etc.

viii)      Research and development for improved process and mechanisation for harvesting salt and recovery of by-products.

ix)            Any development work connected with salt industry.

2/3rd assistance from Salt Cess proceeds, Salt Deptt., Govt. of India &

1/3rd from State Govt., Industries Department.

The works are only to be executed in salt producing areas for benefiting the salt labourers and salt industry.

General Manager of the concerned DIC / Supdt. Salt, Humma Salt Circle.