Performance of Orissa State Co-operative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd. 

Regsitered Office, Utkalika branches

            Orissa State Co-operative Handicrafts Corporation Limited has been organised by Govt. in Industries Deptt. as an Apex Coop. Society to provide marketing support to Primary Handicrafts Co-Operative Societies/artisans. They have opened 17 Show rooms in the name and style of “Utkalika” both in and outside the State to undertake marketing of Handicrafts. Besides, they organise exhibitions in important cities regularly to augment their sales turnover. Steps are also taken by them to export Handicrafts goods. In course of these marketing activities, they study the demand of the product and pass on the feed back to the societies/artisans. In addition to marketing activities, they implement various developmental schemes of both the State & Central Government for promotion of Handicrafts and welfare of artisans of the State. 

            In order to strengthen their financial base State Govt. has invested Share Capital of Rs.137.70 lakh and given Govt. Guarantee of Rs. 275.00 lakh against which they have availed as cash credit of Rs. 275.00lakh from State Bank of India. Similarly, Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India has invested share capital of Rs. 132.00 lakh. Beside the above, financial assistance is provided to them by State & Central Government for following purposes. 

By Development Commissioner                   By State Government.



1. Opening of Sales emporia.                            1. Exhibition.

2. Renovation of existing sales emporium.          2. Interest Subsidy on Bank loan.

3. Design Development.                                    3. Rebate on sale of Handicrafts goods.

4. Exhibition.                                                    4. Printing of Catalogue/Brochure.

5. Printing of Catalogue/Brochure.                     5. Preparation of Video Cassette.

6. Preparation of Video Cassette.                     6. Craft Development Centre.

7. Construction of work shed for artisans.

8. Skill Training.

9. Craft Development Centre. 

            The corporation has established a Craft Development Centres at Jeypore in Koraput with the financial assistance from Development Commissioner (Handicrafts). Another Craft Development Centre at Raghurajpur in Puri district with project cost of Rs. 10.00 lakh is under implementation. 

            The Corporation had made efforts for development of Brass & Bellmetal craft by establishing T.C.P.C. at Kantilo, Balakati & Mancheswar. They have imparted skill training to 200 artisans on brass casting in order to take up production of Moradabad type brass items, having demand in the market. Similarly, the Corporation had also established T.C.P.C. on gem-stone cutting and polishing at Bhawanipatna for imparting skill training and organizing production. In that centre 170 artisans have also been trained. The production centre on appliqué craft at Pipili, which was established since 1985, is running smoothly. 

Registration: It has been registered as an Apex Co-operative Society under Orissa Co-operative Society Act, 1962 vide Regn. No. 17 dt. 21.07.84. 

Registered Office: 

            D-2/3, Industrial Estate,

            Rashulgarh, Bhubaneswar,

            Pin No.            751010 (Orissa).

            Phone No.        2586090


            Fax No.           2585776 

Membership & Share Capital: 

1. Special Class shareholder     -           2          -           Government of Orissa &

                                                                                    Government of India 

2. “A” class member                 -           109      -           Primary Handicrafts Co-op. Societies


3. Nominal member                  -           128 

4. Authorised Share Capital      -           Rs. 500.00 Lakh. 

5. Paid-up Share Capital         -            Rs. 269.80 Lakh. 

(Rs. in lakh) 

State Government Share

Central Government Share

Member Share






Procurement & Sale 

            Orissa State Co-operative Handicrafts Corporation Ltd. has at present 17 sales out-lets in the name and style of “UTKALIKA” located at following places in and outside the State. 

          Inside the State                                          Outside the State         

1.         Bhubaneswar                1                                  1          New Delhi                    1

2          Cuttack                        1                                  2          Kolkata                        2

3          Berhampur                   1                                  3          Chennai                        1

4          Puri                              2                                  4          Pune                             1

5          Jeypore                        1                                  5          Hyderabad                   1

6          Sambalpur                    1                                  6          Bangalore                     1

7          Rourkela                      2                                  7          Chandigarh                   1


The addresses of the “Utkalika” branches of above places are as follows: 


           Inside the State                                Out side the State 

1.         Utkalika                                              1.         Utkalika

            Big Shop # 25 & 26                                         Orissa State Emporium,

            Sector-5, Rourkela - 2,                                    B-4, Baba Kharksingh Marg,

            Phone #. 0661-4640059.                                 New Delhi-110001

                                                                                    Phone # :-011-3364763

                                                                                    Fax # : 011-3340763


2.         Utkalika                                              2.         Utkalika

            Shop No# 16                                                   F-21, Prince Plaza, 1st Floor,

            Super Bazar Market Complex,             46, Panthoon Road, Egmore,

            Udit Nagar, Rourkela-12                                  Chennai,

            Phone # 4509874                                             Phone # 044-8555001


3.         Utkalika                                              3.         Utkalika

            State Emporium,                                               Orissa State Emporium,

            Pantha Bhawan (OTDC),                                 G-31 & 32, C.I.T. Market Complex,

            Sea Beach Road,                                              2-Gariahat Road (South)

            Puri-752001.                                                    Kolkata-760068.

            Phone # 06752-21303.                                    Phone # 033-4237118.


4.         Utkalika                                              4.         Utkalika, Airport counter,

            Grand Centre, Puri,                                          International Airport, Dum Dum,

            Shop #.-16                                                       Kolkata-760052

            Phone # 06752-26876 (PP).                            Phone # 033-5111358.


5.         Utkalika                                              5.         Utkalika

            Devottar Market Complex,                               Orissa State Emporium, Shop # 4.

            Jeypore                                                            Forgussion College Road,

            Phone # 06854-232832.                                  Sivaji Nagar, Pune-411004

                                                                                    Phone # 020-5671046.


6.         Utkalika                                              6.         Utkalika

            Shop No. 4,                                                     Orissa State Emporium

            City Hospital Road,                                          Rabindra Bharti, Opp to Director

            Berhampur,                                                      General of Police, Shaifabad,

            Ganjam,-760001                                              Hyderabad-500004( AP)

            Phone # -0680-226352.                                   Phone # :040-3240510.


7.         Utkalika                                              7.         Utkalika

            Veer Surendra Sai Marg,                                  101, Centre Point, Residency Road,

            Sambalpur                                                        Bangalore-560025,

            Phone #. 0663-520058.                                   Phone # 080-5582744.


8.         Utkalika                                              8.         Utkalika

            Market Building, Ashoka Nagar,                       Chandigarh,

            Bhubaneswar                                                    SCO-260, Sector-35D.

            Phone # 2530187.


9.         Utkalika

            Infront of Jail Road,

            Dargha Bazar, Cuttack-753001

            Phone # 0671-2620590.


            OSCHC Ltd. also organises/participates in exhibition to promote the sales. Procurement  sale & export of Handicrafts goods during the last three years are indicated in Table-1.7. 


Sl. No.



(Rs. in lakh)


(Rs. in lakh)


(Rs. in lakh)





















  Production of T.C.P.C., Pipili: 

            The Corporation also undertakes production of applique item in the T.C.P.C. at Pipili. Production during last three years is as follows: 




Rs.5.80 lakhs

Rs. 5.01 lakhs

Rs. 2.72 lakhs