Handicrafts Complex (KALA-NAGAR) 

            The Handicrafts Complex was set up in 1986 with the aim to provide advance training on Handicrafts and interrogation of the existing State Handicrafts Design Centre established in 1953 and Handicrafts Show House established in 1973. Subsequently the State Institute of Handicrafts Training, established in 1961 has been shifted from its earlier rented premises to Handicrafts Complex during 1998. This is a Government Institute, functioning under the Administrative control of Directorate of Handicrafts & Cottage Industries (Orissa). 

Infrastructures available: 

            1.         Land -7.63 Acres.

            2.         Building for Show House & Design Centre.

            3.         Cottages for advance training.

            4.         Hostel. 


A.        State Institute of Handicrafts Training: 

            The Institute was set up in the year 1961 to impart skill training on various Crafts. 

            1.         Crafts -10. 

                        i)          Stone Carving.

                        ii)         Pattachitra.

                        iii)         Palm leaf etching.

                        iv)        Cane & Bamboo.

                        v)         Appliqué.

                        vi)        Art leather.

                        vii)        Terracotta.

                        viii)       Batik print.

                        ix)        Wood carving

                        x)         Wooden painted toys. 

            2.         Intake Capacity -10 in each craft.

            3.         Duration -Two years.

            4.         Curriculum -     i. Theory.

                                                ii.          Practical training.

                                                iii.         Drawing of temple sketches.

                                                iv.         Study tour to National Museums,

                                                            Historical Places, Monuments.

            5.         Eligibility -        i.          Age -16-20 years (3 years relaxation for

                                                            SC/ST/OBC/lady candidates).

                                                ii.          Educational qualification -7th Pass

            6.         Rate of Stipend             -           Rs. 100/-per month.

            7.         Artisans trained             -           1398 

B.        Advance Training on Handicrafts: 

            Advance Training Course has been introduced since 1987 in Handicrafts Complex, with the objective of imparting higher skill to the practising / trained artisans. 

            1.         Crafts -5

                        i)          Stone carving

                        ii)         Wood carving.

                        iii)         Appliqué

                        iv)        Terracotta

                        v)         Pattachitra

            2.         Intake capacity -10 in each craft.

            3.         Duration -2 years.

            4.         Curriculum -     i.          Theory.

                                                ii.          Practical Training.

                                                iii.         Drawing of temple sketches.

                                                iv.         Study tour to Museums/

                                                            Historical Places & Monuments.

            5.         Eligibility -        i.          Age -18 to 22 years (3 years relaxation for

                                                            SC/ST/OBC/Women candidates.)

                                                ii.          Educational qualification – 7th pass.

                                                iii.         Experience -     5 years experience and received

                                                            preliminary training undertaken in SIHT, District

                                                            level training centres, TRYSEM centres etc.

            6.         Rate of wage / Stipend  -           Rs.250/-per month.

            7.         Artisans trained             -           303. 

C.        State Handicrafts Design Centre: 

            The State Handicrafts Design Centre was set up in 1953 with following objectives. 

            i)          Design development.

            ii)         Re-orientation of sample designs.

            iii)         Research works.

            iv)        Collection of samples/antiques.

            v)         Standardisation of products.

            vi)        Study of designs available in old temples/monuments/museums etc. 

Till the end of 2001-02, 1483 designs have been developed in the following crafts: 

            Name of the Crafts    No. of designs

            Stone carving    126

            Horn works      345

            Wooden toy     246

            Terracotta        17

            Pattachitra        142

            Silver filigree     163

            Cane & bamboo           178

            Golden grass    38

            Wood carving   116

            Lacquer works 06

            Durry & Carpets          113

            TOTAL           1483 

D)        State Handicrafts Show House: 

            The State Handicrafts Show House started functioning in 1973 for display of handicrafts samples and new designs with a Library having collection of literature/books/leaflets on handicrafts. Total numbers of 2877 samples of 26 crafts have been displayed in 5 galleries.