Ekamra Haat (Urban Haat)


1. Location                    :

IDCO Exhibition Ground,Unit-III, Bhubaneswar-7510-07. Tel. No.-2602627.
2. Objective                  :


To promote sale of Handicrafts items of the State throughout the year. The main aim is to provide direct marketing facility to the craft persons throughout the year and to eliminate the middle agencies.
3. Total project cost     : Rs. 186.00 lakhs. 
4. Pattern of funding     :

Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) -35%, Development Commissioner (Handloom) -35% & IDCO, Bhubaneswar -30%
5. Implementing Agencies :

Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation of Orissa Ltd. (IDCO), Bhubaneswar. 
6. InfrastructureCreated:

  1. No. of shops for sale of Handicrafts & handloom.:       42 nos. (Size -120 sft. + 50 sft. Verandah.)
  2. No. of food stalls        :   10 nos. (Size -500 sft Each)
  3. Open Air Theatre

  4. Dormitory

  5. Beautiful land scaping.

  6. Spacious parking place.

7  (a)  Procedure of allotment  :
           The Handicrafts Co-operative Societies / Artisans intending to avail the facility shall apply to the Managing Director, IDCO, Bhubaneswar through concerned DICs / Marketing & Service extension Centre of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) / Directorate of Handicrafts & Cottage Industries, Orissa. Allotment will be made on first come first serve basis for 15 days to one month.

            (b)        Rent chargeable            :           Rs. 25/-per day per shop.

            (c)        The display racks/counters will be arranged by the participant.

            (d)        Nominal charge of Rs.5/-per day for staying in the dormitory.

    N.B.:   Terms & Conditions may be modified by the competent authority.